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Ultimately I can't be more excited about the changes coming to your life than you are!

When you work directly with me, you get very little theory.

What you do get is a whole lot of specifics on how to overcome your biggest challenges
my consulting approach guarantees you finish every session with actionable Items.

Your Action Items are always specific, implementable, and customized to your current situation.

If you're interested in applying for one of my open spots, I would ask you to spend about 3 minutes answering some questions.

You're not signing up for anything today.

Just answering some questions so we can decide if you're a good candidate to profit from my experience and expertise & to apply for my Private Mentoring and Coaching Program.

“You can leverage over 17+ years of experience if you qualify as a good candidate".

If you're looking for a magic pill, or an excuse to say "I tried Hypnotherapy & it didn't work" call someone else. I focus on real people with real motivations & real problems, looking for real help

I want to make sure that not only is this going to be great for you, but that you're going to be a great client for me as I'm dedicating my time to your specific problem & I focus on results.

If you're unwilling to match that dedication please don't contact me. If you are I'm excited for you & let's get started.

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Kevin Shaw, DIPHYP, ABNLP Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

"The client stands poised on the cusp of change with all the resources needed at that moment in time"...David Calof

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