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The Problem

Anxiety & stress can crush you & can wreak havoc in your life. None of us are immune & you can quickly become overwhelmed.

Anxiety narrows your focus when facing a difficult challenge or problem & even when you're not. Like seeing a hand before your face it limits your view.

It limits clear thinking and creativity, Ieaves you feeling cut off & alone. People avoid you or tell you to man up or woman up you're being irrational . And it doesn’t just damage the mind. It damages your relationships your work and your friendships.

Plus, the harmful effects of chronic stress and anxiety can play out in your body as well.
Fight or flight chemicals like Adrenalline & cortisol flood your body Constricing arteries & tightening muscles.
You get palpitations, tunnel vision, excessive sweating, rapid breathing, dizziness, sickness & worse of all insomnia.

You can't even escape into sleep!

But the more you try to avoid anxiety, the more powerful it becomes. The more you focus on it the more power you give it

If you have only one choice to do anything in life at times you are going to struggle. Whether it be choosing a partner, climbing a mountain or coping with the symptoms of chronic stress & anxiety.

You’ve seen it yourself where a long term relationship ends & the person not expecting it falls into deep depression & despair why?
Lack of choice or more accurately lack of reference experience If It's never happened before it shocks the brain which will frantically search for meaning & where there is none fire at random or fire the closest neural link repetitively. If you have experienced more than one trauma in your life you know how this works because for most people it will be easier to cope with 2nd time around.
So Without the experience how do you cope?

You’ve probably seen how costly avoidance strategies can be for you. And usually, those efforts to “control” anxiety just don’t work! Because the problem is unconscious.

That’s why we're here to bring you the shortest route to take a foothold into your own inner processes over which you have little or no control.

Today, most of my patients are busy, educated professionals who understand the value of scientific validation & who value time, theirs & mine.

Overwhelmed by the pressures of life, sometimes those amazing brains that allow them to be so successful & resourceful in other areas can break down.

That's where I come in.

The Solution

What I do is help solve that problem for you. I do something incredibly difficult that takes real skill and experience. I do very little!
And that's where the skill lies, in guiding not leading you to find inner resources you never knew you had and all without needing to know much or even anything about your problem & how it keeps you stuck or how it goes round and round without rest in your head.

Think that's easy? It's taken me thousands of man hours doing things the old way the outdated way, the way most people still do it today to develop my method & to make it as simple, proficient & successful as it is today.

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