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I never take for granted what I can do & what we can achieve together.

Here's my promise to you.

Expect the unexpected.

Every time I communicate with you I will offer innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. My aim is to surprise you & I focus on results it's why you hire me & it's all I care about!

I will listen to you studiously, observe you meticulously & communicate purposefully because those are my strengths.

I will strive to be on time & deliver huge value if you're willing to deliver the motivation required to qualify as a client.

With 100's of different therapies & ten times as many therapists what makes me different. Short answer "Me", my skills, my ethics, my values, my professional & life experience. You can't teach that & you can't buy it.

I concentrate on relationships that get my clients what they want. Don't be surprised if I tell you I can't help you if you can't show me your commitment, your motivation & your willingness to work with me.

Of greatest value to me is the relationship & motivation that's what I focus on like a laser, because if we don't like each other & you don't trust me nothing I say will help you to heal. And if you do trust me, listen & keep an open mind we can achieve some great things.

I'm humbled to have been trusted advisor to so many in distress, some suffering for years & in that time I have been privileged to have studied with some of the best known & lesser known, yet most effective therapists today, encompassing an eclectic mix of therapeutic skills not only Hypnotherapy

In the past talking to a Hypnotherapist meant you had to be open enough to go against the mainstream & try something different, but things have changed.

Today, within Science, Neuroplasticity is established as fact. Nobody is challenging it. Neuro synaptic webs of connected brain neurons can be altered.

Now, most of my current clients are busy, educated professionals who understand the value of scientific validation & who value time, theirs & mine.

Overwhelmed by the pressures of life, sometimes those amazing brains that allow them to be so successful in other areas can break down.
That's where I come in.

Download my gift, just for showing up today.. "Free" Stress information guide.

Some of the information about how I work is now outdated but the content is still very relevant

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