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"I Create Out of the box Hypnotherapy approaches with consistent results" . "Proudly associated with Sherwood Forest Hospitals at Mansfield King's Mill, Mansfield Community & Newark "

Kevin Shaw DipHyp
Clinical Hypnotherapist

"The only Hypnotherapist found in the patient folders at Mansfield King's Mill, Mansfield Community & Newark Hospitals"

Why Would You Choose To Work With Me?

Reason : Chances are I have solved your kind of problem 100 times before and can talk endlessly about it!

“I thought that kicking my habit was impossible until I met Kevin & I can’t thank him enough”... Georgia NHS NURSE

If You've tried everything to help yourself get better & now you're exhausted & about to give up. What you do next will be the difference between your success or failure. Because you can give up. Or you can apply to work with me because if there is one thing I specialise in, it's helping people get better who have tried Counselling, tried Psychotherapy, maybe even tried other Hypnotherapists & are losing hope.

"There's a unique power in you that together we can tap into within minutes".
Wherever you find yourself now, over the course of a few weeks, I will walk you through what gets you trapped in the clutch of anxiety & stress . . .

. . . and how you can help yourself break its chokehold with Hypnotherapy

I will share insights from approaching 2 decades of practice as a clinical Hypnotherapist

You’ll get the practical tools you need to help a wide range of anxiety/ Stress conditions

You’ll look at anxiety, depression & uncontrollable habits from multiple angles unique to you and get equipped with specific approaches and strategies that work, with conditions ranging from PTSD, OCD, PHOBIAS, ADDICTION, SOCIAL ANXIETY & SOCIAL AVOIDANCE, both from current problems or past trauma.

All you need is strong motivation an open mind & commitment to benefit from proven methods.

For those people suffering from unconscious problems over which they have no control Who may have tried & been disatstifed with the usual talking therapies & conscious effort. My methods are highly differentiated & provide key access to the unconscious part of your brain, as validated by Neuroscience. Unlike therapies that are designed to only deal with a presenting problem in a back & forth dialogue, My approaches have been formed & honed since April 2000 to acknowledge & help change the often underlying symptoms hidden in the back of your mind directing behaviour from the shadows that traditional talking therapies miss or access far too slowly for someone experiencing emotional or psychological pain".

Latest research shows that over 75% of conditions presented to a GP are emotionally induced rather than physical the majority of which respond well to Hypnotherapy

Such things as
Anxiety, Stress, Compulsions, Panic attacks, Depression, Grief, even IBS

The Arthritis Association themselves acknowledge studies that more than 75% of people with arthritis and related diseases experience significant pain relief using hypnosis.

If you don't really need Hypnotherapy it's hard to see the ROI (return on investment) so listen to a few client stories beginning with Georgia (NHS Nurse)

I had a terrible habit of ripping off the ends of my hair that I had been suffering with for over 7 years. It wasn’t stress or anxiety induced but it was a habit that I did constantly that led to my hair becoming increasingly shorter and badly damaged.
I’d tried hypnotherapy, CBT and the tapping technique with three different hypnotherapists with no success what so ever. I’d about given up trying to quit and had almost come to accept that it was just something that I was going to have to live with indefinitely. I’d started saving up for a wig because I knew that before long I’d have no hair left.
I came across Kevin’s advert through Google and thought I’d just give it a try as a last-ditch attempt. I am so glad that I did. Kevin helped me completely stop my destructive habit that had a hold of me for so many years. I felt calm and at ease during the sessions and he had a friendly but professional approach.
I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone that is suffering with a habit that they want to kick. I thought that kicking my habit was impossible until I met Kevin and I can’t thank him enough.
I’ve already seen an improvement in my hair and I’ll be keeping him updated with my progress!

Peter... a Mechanic struggling to overcome the break up of his marriage

I don't know how it changed or what Kevin did but if you need help and get the chance to spend any time with Kevin you should take it. Trust me Hypnotherapy worked for me"

"Kevin is as passionate about Hypnotherapy & helping others as I am about my children & making sure the break up of my marriage doesn’t hurt them any more."

"When it's just the two of you in a room you realise it's not just the books he's read, study he's undertaken or training he's had that makes Kevin who he is. It's his uncanny ability to make sense of your problems & reach into you to pull out resources you never knew were there"

"Kevin instinctively knew I was in a bad place but never let me believe he couldn't help me out of it."

"Twice I had to call him once late at night because I couldn't find the strength to live my life any longer"

"Kevin was amazing with his insight and advice & even thanked me for calling. Kevin is truly committed to creating results for his clients and does it with real clarity, empathy and confidence"

"He helped me make better choices & maybe you don't believe Hypnotherapy will work for you, believe you can't afford it or that Kevin is even the best choice for you?"

"Let me confess those were my thoughts exactly & I was wrong!"

"With me Kevin was able to identify exactly what I needed & able to produce extraordinary results in no time at all.

In my opinion he has to be uncommonly good He knows how to get results & his trust in you & you're ability to recover is beyond motivating.

"Shelley" a Care Assistant terrified to leave her home

"Before seeing Kevin Shaw things were extremely bad, to the point where I could not go out on my own - even with my children. Sometimes, I could not even leave my own home to go to the local shops without having a full blown panic attack."

"I sought professional help through the doctors who booked me in with a therapist."

"This I did for 6 months which I feel didn’t do anything to help with my anxiety problems. Therefore, I looked at other things that I could try which, is where I came across hypnotherapy."

"As the sessions progressed, I felt more and more relaxed and confident. It felt that I was finally getting the old me emerging from under this cloud – each time feeling more and more assured and happier, even bubbly once again and smiling at last."

"What makes me happier than these events is being able to take my children out walking to the local park on the way to my parent’s house – something which I have not been able to do for such a long time."

"Also, I am feeling more confident in venturing out to go shopping and also attending a hospital appointment without thinking too much about what may or may not happen."

"I do now feel much more confident in everyday situations and I have greatly reduced my over thinking things issue. It feels like I am once again enjoying my life as I should be – thanks to Kevin’s much appreciated and valued help"

Jane... working for the Police who was diagnosed by her GP with Generalised Anxiety Disorder & was actually also suffering from Depression which wasn't diagnosed

I would like to comment on your services if I may - Kevin helped me through
a difficult time. I was suffering from generalised anxiety disorder and
depression. With Kevin's help, I was able to see past the 'fog' and start
enjoying life again. I now feel I am fully recovered, thanks to Kevin.

"Why Hypnotherapy Is Consistently Proven The Most Powerful Tool In the Treatment of Anxiety & Stress"

Anxiety & stress can crush you & can wreak havoc in our lives. None of us are immune & we can quickly become overwhelmed

Anxiety narrows our focus when we’re facing a difficult challenge or problem & even when we're not. Like seeing a hand before your face it limits your view.

It limits clear thinking and creativity, Ieaves us feeling cut off & alone. People avoid us or tell us we're irrational . And it doesn’t just damage the mind . . .

. . . the harmful effects of chronic stress and anxiety can play out in the body as well.

Fight or flight chemicals like Adrenalline & cortisol flood your body Constricing arteries & tightening muscles.

You get palpitations, tunnel vision, excessive sweating, rapid breathing, dizziness, sickness & worse of all insomnia.

You can't even escape into sleep!

But the more we try to avoid anxiety, the more powerful it becomes. The more we focus on it the more power we give it.

You’ve probably seen how costly avoidance strategies can be for you. And usually, those efforts to “control” anxiety just don’t work! Because the problem is illogical & unconscious.

That’s why we're here to bring you the shortest route to take a foothold into your own inner processes over which you have little or no conscious control, Hypnosis.

How to Work with Anxiety with Hypnotherapy with Kevin Shaw Dip Hyp Clinical Hypnotherapist

KevinshawTherapy: Safe Effective Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapy Professsional, Mansfield, Nottingham, Newark & Chesterfield

Will you tackle this early? spend months in counselling or psychotherapy or choose medication / sedation or just continue to suffer in silence, perhaps for years?

KevinshawTherapy: Safe Effective Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapy Professsional, Mansfield, Nottingham Newark & Chesterfield

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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy with consistent results:

Weight control, Nail biting, Enuresis, (lack of bladder control), Habits, Eating disorders, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Sexual problems, Sport Improvement, Nerves (exams, tests etc.), Confidence, Self-esteem, Sleep problems, Panic attacks, Phobias, Persistant Headaches( No Medical cause), Pain (No medical cause), Skin Conditions (Help prevent persistant itching) Concentration, Memory, Fear, Relaxation, Blushing, Shyness, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bereavement, Stammering, Motivation, Work performance, Interviews, Addictions, Past Life Regression

Safe Effective Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapy Professsional,
Mansfield, Nottingham Newark & Chesterfield

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I want to avoid promoting false hopes with Hypnosis & want to know that we can be of reasonable help in a reasonable time.

As a professional Hypnotherapist, if you want me to help you & you're currently working with a Doctor or other Therapist talk over with them your motivation for seeking hypnotherapy.

If someone you know might need my help refer them to this site

KevinShawTherapy: Safe Effective Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapy Professsional,
Mansfield, Nottingham Newark & Chesterfield

Safe Effective Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapy Professsional, Mansfield, Nottingham, Newark & Chesterfield

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